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When should I order?

Our cakes are made to order . If you are after a specific / preferred cake, we recommend placing an order online at least 4 days in advance to secure your order.  Please contact us on Instagram, our Website or through our email, orders

I want a Custom/ Bespoke cake, how far in advance do I need to order?

For custom cakes, please allow at least a minimum of 3 weeks notice in advance to secure a spot as we can be overbooked.

How to place an order?

To place an order, please click on the button below to fill out our pre-order form. 


Do you deliver?

We can deliver using our third party courier, Cake Hero.

Otherwise, we recommend pick up for our cakes.
We make all our products with a lot of love and care so we want to ensure you receive it in its highest quality.  They are extremely fragile and can be easily ruined with even the slightest mishandling. To prevent this, we recommend pick up to ensure the cakes and all our other products are safe and secure.


Where to pick up?

For all orders, please head to our store in Eastern Creek Quarter.

We are located at Shop T33 , Eastern Creek Quarter Social area, right across from Fruit World.

Do you cater for events/corporate parties?

We definitely can provide event/corporate packages for your next big event. Simply fill out the order form for any queries regarding corporate/events. 

Cake Care

Does the cake require refrigeration?

Yes, all of the cakes require refrigeration to maintain its quality. Sans Rival cakes are better stroed in a freezer.


How to transport cake?

Cakes are fragile. Without proper care,the cake can be damaged during transport. If alone, place the cake securely on the floor of the passengers' side or the booth and always drive carefully.


For taller ( 4 layered) or 2 tier custom cakes, the cakes are especially more fragile. Always have a companion for support during transport.


How long can the cake be transported for?

Cakes can be left out for at least 1 hour during transportation. It is recommended that the cake is brought directly to the destination and stored straight in the fridge if it is to be served more than 3 hours later. If the cake is to be served in 1 hr or immediately , there is no need to refrigerate.

When should I serve my cake?

Cake is best served when the buttercream is at room temperature . When it is soft to touch, this means the buttercream is silky, palatable and is ready to eat. To achieve this, take out the cake at least 1-2 hour prior to serving. Please be mindful of the room temperature the cake is left out . In hot weather, the cake will soften much faster than in cold weather.


Will my cake keep well if I collect it the day before?

Yes it will! All of our cakes are made fresh and can be eaten 2-4 days after pick up. Please ensure the cake is always kept in refrigeration to maintain its quality.

How do I store the Silvanas/ Sansrival?

Silvanas and Sansrival cake are stored in the freezer to maintain its freshness and quality.




Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegan Options?

Yes, we offer some Gluten Free and Vegan options. Please specify your dietary needs when making any orders.


Can I make my own custom flavour?

We'll do our best! We always like creating new flavours and love working with our customers to provide them something they will truly love. If you're interested in creating a customer flavour, just let us know by placing an order through our Pre-Order form or email us at


Do you do Fondant Cakes?

Hanmade’s Bakehouse specialises in buttercream cakes. We only use fondant as features for our cakes.

Nut allergies

Please be aware that all our products may contain traces of nuts. Our signature silvanas and Sans Rival cakes are made with cashews.

Have any questions we haven't answered yet? Let us know below!


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